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A Decade of Gratitude, Guy Kawasaki & YOU

Dee Bustos

Care Indeed Events

Oct 01, 2020

3 min read

Gratitude. That's the only word that comes to our minds when we think about the past month's celebrations for Care Indeed's 10th Anniversary. Although we were blessed to have so many employees, clients, families, partners, and experts make our first decade of celebrations so memorable- it feels so much bigger than just the events for us. It's difficult to put into words how to describe the culmination of ten years of hard work, sweat, love, passion, building relationships with our community, and the unique honor of supporting thousands of individuals throughout the aging process. We are truly grateful for every second of it all!

Ten years ago, we started with a dream. Today, we celebrate that dream turning into a reality because of all of YOU. Your partnerships have been instrumental, and with you by our sides, we have achieved the impossible. We can't thank you enough for the years of guidance and growth together- this is a celebration of our entire community, not just Care Indeed. We were so excited also to have Guy Kawasaki join us as our special guest speaker! He has been a source of inspiration for us as an entrepreneur, author, evangelist, and speaker. Guy is known for putting Apple, Mercedes-Benz, and Canva on the map, and has inspired and empowered millions of entrepreneurs throughout his career (including all of us!) through his unique approaches to innovation and enchantment social media, evangelism, and entrepreneurship. He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of 15 books, and the creator of the Remarkable People podcast where he interviews thought leaders, legends, iconoclasts, and moguls to help us understand the world through different perspectives and lenses.

We can't thank all of you enough for being a part of our virtual 10th Anniversary celebrating a decade of impact! Your support truly means the world, and we appreciate your continued trust. It is an absolute honor to serve our community.

Cheers to a decade more!

Dee Bustos


Dee Bustos

Chief Executive Officer

Visionary. Optimist. Tech-savvy and results-oriented. Loves to sing during her almost non-existent spare time. Her motto: Dream BIG

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