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Embracing Equity this International Women’s Month

Vanessa Valerio

Care Indeed

Mar 06, 2023

2 min read

In honor of International Women’s Day, let’s talk about embracing equity in healthcare and why it matters not just for women, but for all of us.

Unfortunately, gender bias is still a huge issue in healthcare around the world. This bias can cause misdiagnosis, delays in treatment, quality of care, and even death for women. Sometimes these biases are conscious, but often they're not even realized.

This is a big problem because it means women aren't getting the care they need and deserve. When women's symptoms are often dismissed or not taken seriously, this can lead to incorrect diagnoses, delayed treatment, and compromised quality of care. This goes against our core values as a fair, women-empowered, and women-led home care agency.

We need to work towards inclusivity and equity in women's healthcare. There are policies being put in place to help, but there's still a long way to go. As care providers, we can work to eliminate disparities in care and health by ensuring that women receive the same high-quality care as men.

Women can lead healthier lives if we #EmbraceEquity and stay committed to providing compassionate, equal care.

We’ll do our best to make sure you are always valued and supported.

With care always, Dee & Vee

Vanessa Valerio


Vanessa Valerio

Chief Operating Officer

Passionate about living life and loving people fully. Has an adventurous spirit and an unusual craving for mangoes. Her mantra: Always be loving and kind.

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