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Embracing Life’s Detours: Adriana’s Story of Change

Vanessa Valerio


Jul 02, 2024

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Life doesn’t always go as planned. Many of us pursue dreams, only to find ourselves on different paths. However, these redirections are not necessarily failures. They can lead to discovering greater passions. Adrianna's story is a good example; she is Care Indeed’s Employee of the Month for June 2024.

Adrianna, known as Adry to her friends, studied Public Health in San Jose. She always wanted to work in pediatrics. Even while living independently, she volunteered in hospitals to gain medical experience. She was passionate about medicine and dedicated herself to helping others. But life took an unexpected turn, making it harder for her to continue studying. Financial and personal challenges mounted, and eventually, she had to take a break from her education.

Adry’s two aunts, who worked at Care Indeed, introduced her to the company. She saw the opportunity not only to earn a living but also to feel closer to her grandparents in Mexico. Adry explained, “I feel good about taking care of my elderly clients because even though I’m not there to physically take care of my grandparents, I get to connect with them in a way.” Her role at Care Indeed provided her with a sense of purpose and fulfillment, bridging the gap between her and her loved ones.

Now, Adry works as a dedicated caregiver at Care Indeed, bringing smiles to her clients while reconnecting with her grandparents from Mexico. Despite the distance, Adry strives to visit them at least once a year, cherishing the time spent together. Her commitment to her clients is unwavering, and she has quickly become an integral part of the Care Indeed team.

In just over a year, Adry has proven herself a dedicated member of the Care Indeed team. Her positive attitude, compassionate nature, and inspiring story have allowed her to connect with those she cares for in a way that touches their hearts. She goes above and beyond in her role, ensuring her clients feel valued and cared for. Adry is proof that experience isn’t always the most important attribute; sometimes, it only takes the heart and will to serve.

Adrianna's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and adaptability. Though her original dream was to work in pediatrics, she found a new calling that brought her immense satisfaction and joy. Her story reminds us that life's detours can lead to unexpected and rewarding destinations. By embracing change and remaining open to new opportunities, we can find fulfillment in the most unlikely places. Adry’s dedication and compassion continue to inspire those around her, making her a shining example of what it means to truly care.

Vanessa Valerio


Vanessa Valerio

Chief Operating Officer

Passionate about living life and loving people fully. Has an adventurous spirit and an unusual craving for mangoes. Her mantra: Always be loving and kind.

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