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Managing Change in Hiring Home Care Services in the Bay Area

Dee Bustos

Home Care Services

Apr 12, 2021

10 min read

Change: the only constant in human life. Unfortunately, knowing that doesn’t always make change easier. The transition from living independently to needing extra help around the house, or perhaps a bit more assistance, can be a significant change to manage for the person needing assistance and their family and friends. The person who was once the caregiver needs caregiving, and it’s a time to honor that loved one and ensure they don’t feel shame.

The narrative surrounding receiving home care services in the Bay Area is disappointingly negative. Asking for help in any situation is always a good thing. What’s more, what too few people realize is that the sooner someone asks for help, the longer they can live more independently. In-home nursing in the Bay Area, however, it takes shape, isn’t a sign that someone is giving up on life. Instead, it shows that they want to live life to the fullest.

If the thought of hiring a private nurse in the Bay Area has crossed the minds of the person needing extra assistance, or any member of the family, then it may be time to consider the options available. The problem is, people usually ask for help far after when they should have. No one wants to be a burden, but again, the sooner a person gets the assistance they need, their life and the lives of the people who love them can be improved exponentially.

Starter Steps

Contemplating hiring a service that provides hospital sitting in the Bay area? Here are some facts to consider:

●  Before families hire services like in-home nursing in the Bay Area, the overwhelming majority of care is provided by family. While short-term care by a family member is often necessary before final plans are cemented, such an arrangement’s long-term effects can be very harmful to both parties. Again, an overwhelming majority of families that take care of a loved one in need of more extensive assistance eventually report feelings of burnout and resentment, further pointing to how necessary it is to be proactive and realistic about care needs.

●  The experts can see the signs, whether it’s an advancing health issue or something a little more subtle. Employing someone outside the family to help care for a loved one also equals a fresh set of eyes to note any issues. It also helps to ensure there is a dedicated individual to foster overall wellness for those being cared for, which is a massive relief for everyone involved.

●  Socialization is important, and it seems like there isn’t enough time for everyone, which can leave loved ones who are compromised, feeling like a burden, lonely, and even depressed. Having someone for companionship as well as assistance is part of the role of caregivers. Caregiving should be considered in a far broader sense to include friendship, compassion, and camaraderie. Consistent socialization helps people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

●  Receiving appropriate medical and wellness attention allows people to stay inside longer. Ultimately, most people want to stay in the comfort of their house for as long as possible, and getting the appropriate caregiving is the secret to success.

Tough Conversations

So, how should you have a conversation about hiring a private nurse in the Bay Area?

“Mom was in bad shape and need of some extra help and caregiving; there will continue to be someone coming over to assist her every day for a few hours. She loves the company, and her health has improved exponentially.” This quote is what every member of the family hopes to say once the caregiving for their loved one is addressed. Getting to this point isn’t always easy,  but considering the following issues when broaching such a uniquely challenging subject can be most helpful:

●  Needing caregiving is inevitable as individuals age: Life is rife with difficult conversations, but initiating a conversation with a loved one about needing caregiving can isn’t always easy. Even though over half of Americans admit that they will probably need some type of caregiving as they age, it’s a lot like having a conversation about the birds and the bees with a preteen: essential but not short on discomfort for both parties. The reality is, the sooner a plan everyone can agree on is set in place, the more smoothly life will go, especially for the person in need of caregiving.

●  No matter what, come from a place of love: “receiving the right caregiving will allow a person to live a healthier and more contented life,” or “the family wants you to be around to keep us all in line for as long as possible…” There are so many avenues to take when broaching such a complicated and emotional topic. No matter what, coming to the conversation with pure and good intentions will ultimately show through, even if a loved one doesn’t want to see it immediately.

●  Embrace the reality of the situation: Needing extra caregiving can feel like a hit to the ego. If someone has been perfectly independent for over 60, 70, or 80 years, accepting what can feel like a radical life shift is liberating, not embarrassing. Approaching the subject of hiring a caregiver must be compassionate, but it also has to be straightforward and have an end goal in mind.

●  Go with the gut: while intuition isn’t fool-proof, if there is an inkling feeling that employing some help would help listen to it. Ensuring someone is living to the utmost of their ability takes planning, consideration, and organization, but it is possible.

It’s time to accept a new chapter and plan for it accordingly. Compassion, kindness, and consistency when providing caregiving are the hallmarks of a successful caregiver-client relationship and can be arranged for with a bit of hope and perseverance.

Dee Bustos


Dee Bustos

Chief Executive Officer

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