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The Impact of Supplemental Staffing on Patient Satisfaction

Dee Bustos

Home Care Services

Mar 04, 2024

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In the world of healthcare, staffing shortages can be a major challenge for healthcare facilities as patient demand increases. Supplemental staffing helps with this problem by hiring temporary or contract workers to fill in gaps between shifts. With more staff filling in, understaffing issues in these facilities help healthcare workers have better mental health and well-being. Now, the question is how does this affect the other end of healthcare delivery: the patients? This blog will go in-depth on the effects of supplemental staffing on patient satisfaction. 

What is Supplemental Staffing?

Supplemental staffing is a common practice in the healthcare industry, especially in times of high demand or staff shortages. It requires hiring temporary workers to fill in for either empty shifts that permanent staff members left because they were on leave or increased patient demand. These workers are often skilled and trained to provide quality care to patients. 

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How Supplemental Staffing Affects Patient Satisfaction

  1. Improved Patient Care: One of the main benefits of supplemental staffing is improved patient care. With a full staff, healthcare facilities can provide more efficient and effective care to patients. This can lead to higher patient satisfaction rates, as patients are more likely to receive timely and quality care. Additionally, supplemental staff can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the team, leading to improved patient outcomes.

  2. Lessened Gaps on Healthcare Delivery: Because supplemental staffing gives enough staff to meet patient demand, there are lessened gaps with healthcare delivery. Patients are given enough attention by each staff member and the workers are also experiencing lessened burnout. This contributes to a better patient-provider relationship that motivates patients to be positive in receiving treatment. 

  3. Flexibility and Cost-Efficiency: Instead of hiring full-time staff, facilities can bring in temporary workers as needed. This can save money on benefits and other expenses associated with full-time employees. Additionally, supplemental staffing allows facilities to adjust their staffing levels based on patient demand, ensuring that they are not overstaffed or understaffed.

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The Impact on Patient Satisfaction

Overall, supplemental staffing has a positive impact on patient satisfaction. By providing quality care and improving efficiency, patients are more likely to have a positive experience at the healthcare facility and be more receptive to treatment. Additionally, the flexibility and cost savings of supplemental staffing can lead to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Supplemental staffing plays a crucial role in making sure that healthcare delivery in medical facilities and patient demands are met. By understanding the benefits and regulations surrounding supplemental staffing, healthcare facilities can ensure that they are providing the best care for their patients. 

Proactively Improving Patient Satisfaction with Care Indeed Nurses

As one of the providers of in-home care in California, Care Indeed uses real-time data gathering and analysis focused on health care facilities with Supplemental Staffing Solutions. Our approach is centered on examining trends in patient volume and acuity to forecast staffing requirements and ensure efficient allocation of resources. 

Our staff are licensed, certified and screened with our thorough process to ensure that we provide you with the help you need. With the right help, cognitive and physical decline of old age, disabilities, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s can be managed ethically and with great results. With supplemental staffing solutions, there is coverage for all shifts, protecting your business and your patients. Contact Care Indeed to discover how our supplemental nursing team can eliminate your staffing shortages.

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The Benefits of Supplemental Staffing in Medical Facilities

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