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The Beauty of the Ordinary: Dom’s Inspiring Journey of Discovery

Vanessa Valerio

Editor's Notes

Feb 05, 2024

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If there's one lesson life consistently imparts, it's the beauty hidden in the mundane. In the apparent monotony, stories unfold, and this truth is best illustrated by the journey of Domonique, or Dom as affectionately known, a dedicated Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Care Indeed. Her narrative is a testament to compassion, inspiration, and the pursuit of meaningful connections.

Caregiving at a Young Age

Dom's journey began straight out of high school, armed with a CNA license. Rooted in her upbringing within a large family, with her mother being one of 14 kids, caregiving became a shared responsibility for their elderly grandparents. To young Dom, caring for her grandparents was more like a quality bonding time than a mere task.

"Taking care of my grandparents felt like hanging out a lot more than usual," she fondly recalls.

Though it seemed ordinary, the reality was that they relied on her for crucial tasks, from medication management to acting as a liaison with medical staff. Despite her modest perspective, she was, in essence, a caregiver from a very tender age, seamlessly integrating this role into her life.

Carrying this passion into her CNA role, Dom finds genuine reward in the moments shared with residents. "Being a companion in a state where most people don't want to be is really rewarding," she reflects. The gift of learning, where she gains insights from her patients, and they, in turn, understand her better, is what makes the experience rewarding. Beyond anything else, she cherishes the unexpected connections formed with individuals she might never have encountered otherwise.

“It's really rewarding because you get to build bonds with people that probably would never have crossed paths with you know, I never would have crossed paths with them.”

Care Indeed's Supportive Culture

Dom's recognition as Employee of the Month is a testament to the fulfilling nature of caregiving. Her vibrant personality, coupled with unwavering dedication, exemplifies how one can thrive in an industry that gives more than it receives. Approaching each day with the mantra her dad shared – that a bad day doesn't define her – Dom navigates her professional journey with resilience.

“I just go by what my dad has always told me that if you had a bad day today, all you can promise yourself is to be better tomorrow. If I feel like today wasn't my best day, I can always just promise myself that I would be better tomorrow, I'll be a better person tomorrow.”

For Dom, maximizing her potential requires a strong support system. She values Care Indeed's hands-on approach, emphasizing, “What I like most about Care Indeed is that you guys really do actually try to understand the CNAs from their standpoint and really try to connect with the CNAs” Frequent team visits, a departure from the usual app check-ins in other places, make her feel seen and valued. This consistent support goes a long way in her eyes.

Indeed, Dom’s narrative of resilience stands as an extraordinary reflection of beauty in the mundane. Her perspective on life serves as a reminder that even within routine, profound stories can be seen. Whether it's the routine of caregiving or the simplicity of daily tasks, Dom's journey encapsulates the gift that life's beauty is often found in the ordinary, only waiting to be appreciated.

As Dom beautifully shared, “Always remember that there are going to be bad days, but I promise you that the positive always weighs out the bad. you'll understand, I guess, later on that it's all worth it in the end. It really is.”

Vanessa Valerio


Vanessa Valerio

Chief Operating Officer

Passionate about living life and loving people fully. Has an adventurous spirit and an unusual craving for mangoes. Her mantra: Always be loving and kind.

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