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Virtual Reality Training for Bay Area Caregivers of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Dee Bustos

Virtual Reality

Jul 27, 2021

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Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other cognitive disorders are complex conditions that require experienced caregivers. Obtaining the hands-on training to provide appropriate care can be challenging.

CI-VR Dementia Training Provides Hands-On Experience in Safe Learning Environment

Care Indeed, the Bay Area’s in-home care provider, collaborated with Geriatrics, Memory Care, and Cognitive Disorders experts to create CI-VR Dementia Training. This training is ideal for caregivers of dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.

Family members who care for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients will also benefit from this training. It is recommended for professional care providers, vocational training, and anyone requiring a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges of caring for seniors experiencing dementia.

Why Is It Challenging to Care for Dementia or Alzheimer’s Patients?

Care Indeed worked with leading dementia and Alzheimer’s disease experts to develop a training program to prepare caregivers to effectively care for and support dementia patients. Alzheimer’s patients frequently experience alarming mood swings.

These moods can quickly become negative, physically or verbally aggressive, combative, and unpredictable. Sometimes the patient will wander away. Alzheimer’s patients may be difficult to communicate with and easily agitated.

Dementia and other patients with cognitive disorders may find it hard to express their feelings or convey needs adequately. This often causes frustration on the part of the patient and the caregiver.

Repetitive behaviors are not unusual in dementia patients. They may repeatedly ask the same question or engage in repetitive rocking, wringing hands, or pacing.

It is not unusual for caregivers of dementia patients to feel high levels of stress. Caregivers may struggle to understand dementia clients.

As the disease progresses into the next stage, dementia patients often develop compulsive behavior. Confusion is extremely common. The dementia patient may have difficulty sleeping. Judging distances can be challenging.

At this point, caregivers often observe changes in moods. Depression, agitation, and even anger are not unusual. Speech difficulties may appear.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients may lose speech completely in the later stages. Memory, both short and long-term, is significantly affected. Mobility is often impacted and the senior usually needs assistance to get around.

The Care Indeed Virtual Reality Dementia Training, CI-VR, enables students to experience how caring for a dementia or Alzheimer’s patient might look at various stages. Caregivers gain insights that would normally require trial and error.

How Does CI-VR Virtual Reality Training Work?

Bay Area in-home care provider Care Indeed developed a healthcare technology training course based on virtual reality to help caregivers meet the demands of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients. CI-VR, Care Indeed’s Virtual Reality Dementia training program, provides caregivers, health professionals, and family members guidance and instruction on caring for dementia patients' needs. The training features an immersive and interactive dementia patient experience using VR.

Students enter the world of the dementia patient via VR goggles and learn from a carefully developed curriculum. The training enables caregivers, healthcare professionals, students, and even family members to understand from a practical point of view the way dementia patients see and experience the world. Solutions can be developed to anticipate and overcome dementia and Alzheimer’s challenges.

What Is VR?

VR is the abbreviation for Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is a computer-generated experience that - when the user wears VR goggles - seems to be real. Inside of the VR environment, the user can interact, observe, and simulate caregiver responses or interactions.

Care Indeed is the Bay Area’s trusted source for senior home care. We serve clients in San Francisco, and throughout the Bay Area, including Palo Alto, Atherton, and Menlo Park.

In conjunction with our team of dementia care experts, we developed CI-VR to answer the need for dementia training that goes far beyond empathy training. Virtual Reality takes a complex, multidimensional concept and makes it possible to examine and explore it.

Our caregivers, healthcare professionals, vocational students, and family members of seniors diagnosed with dementia emerge from the Virtual Reality training with an understanding of what is required of dementia patient care and how to administer the care. This is the future of caregiver education in the field of cognitive disorders.

Seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Require Experienced Caregivers

Dementia patients have increasingly complex needs as the dementia progresses. The best-prepared caregivers have an understanding of the challenges of cognitive disorders and how to navigate the difficulties of dementia patients. CI-VR training provides training and skills acquisition in a safe environment that can then be applied to the home care environment.

The VR environment is a safe space. The virtual reality training simulates how various actions impact a patient.

CI-VR engages all of the senses in the dementia care learning environment. Whether a caregiver, nurse, vocational student, or family member, you will emerge from the training with the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art dementia training available.

The entire training course was designed by experts in the field of Cognitive Disorders. Your CI-VR trainer is an experienced dementia specialist who will help you gain confidence and mastery. By successfully completing the CI-VR training, students develop the inner confidence that comes with knowledge and hands-on experience.

CI-VR Virtual Training Environments

Care Indeed CI-VR is effective and efficient. The coursework was created in conjunction with Memory Care and Geriatric experts to provide hands-on training in a safe environment. The CI-VR trainer is an experienced dementia and Alzheimer’s instructor who will help you gain confidence and mastery.

Virtual reality is changing the face of healthcare. Care Indeed recognized the potential of virtual reality in helping professionals and family members navigate the complicated issues frequently seen as dementia progresses.

After successfully completing the CI-VR training, students develop the inner confidence that comes with knowledge and hands-on experience. Understanding what to expect enables care providers the time to prepare in advance, avoid difficult issues, and effectively support clients or beloved family members. Get Started with Care Indeed Virtual Reality Dementia Training today by calling (650) 352-4007 or fill out the easy form online at Care Indeed.

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