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EmpowerED: Embrace Diversity, Elevate Equity, Unite for Inclusion

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An intensive training initiative designed to refine Care Indeed's field staff skills, with a special focus on empowering caregivers through a DEI program, promoting workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Event Type

Educational Events

Date & Time

April 17, 2024

02:00 AM - 04:00 AM


419 East Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA

Care Indeed presents EmpowerED, an event tailored specifically for its field staff. The session features a dynamic DEI training program led by the esteemed nurse Nequitha Busby. This initiative aims to empower caregivers and cultivate a workplace culture grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Held at the Campbell office, the event sees active participation from both office and field staff, fostering interactive discussions and providing valuable insights to enhance skills and promote inclusivity in home care.

Sponsored by Care Indeed's Institute of Nursing, the event exemplifies the company's ongoing commitment to professional growth and fostering a supportive work environment.