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4 Common Signs That It Is Time to Start Thinking About In-Home Care in Campbell

Dee Bustos

Home Care Tips

Mar 03, 2021

12 min read

For many people, deciding if an elderly loved one is ready for in-home care in San Mateo can feel like a difficult call to make. After all, many older adults naturally enjoy the idea of living independently and might not openly let on that they can use a little help managing their daily lives.

Thankfully, these worries of losing independence are often fully unfounded. If anything, in-home care in Campbell allows seniors to enjoy the freedom of truly living on their own terms without having to worry about dealing with chores and activities that have become difficult to handle. This means more time to socialize, engage in hobbies and simply enjoy a stress-free life.

Even better, home care in Campbell provides many seniors with a valuable source of companionship and support that they know they can count on. It goes without saying that most people want to do the best that they can to be there for their loved ones, but being put in a position to provide daily or weekly assistance can be hard for those who are already living their daily lives.

If anything, these types of relationships tend to heal and flourish once services specializing in home care in San Mateo are arranged for, and loved ones never have to worry about the seniors feeling alone. Home care in San Mateo allows for a valuable source of non-medical, compassionate support that allows older adults to continue independently enjoying the lifestyle and environments that they are familiar with while allowing them to live in a way that is healthier, safer and ultimately, more fulfilling.

One of the great things about in-home care in Campbell is that each plan is customized to meet the individual needs of each and every client. This can entail anything from 24-hour assistance to weekly housekeeping support to daily companionship. A professional provider will work together with families and clients to find the type of plan that is perfectly suited to address their own unique needs while still allowing seniors to remain in the environment where they feel the most at home.

So keeping all the wonderful benefits that home care in Campbell provides in mind, what are some of the common signs that an older person might be ready for in-home care in San Mateo? Read on to find out.

1. Difficulty Getting Around

As people age, it is perfectly normal that they might begin to take on a more unsteady gait. However, this can also pose a major safety hazard for anybody trying to safely navigate their home environment or complete their daily tasks. Falling is a major source of injury for older adults, and the more likely a fall, the more likely the risk of suffering from further mobility restrictions as a result of that fall.

Some common signs that a loved one might be having trouble getting around are a shaky or uneven gait, the need to grab onto objects or walls while moving through an environment, or having any kind of fall or near-fall. Keep in mind that if moving from room to room is already difficult, it will probably be very hard to accomplish daily tasks like laundry, cooking, and cleaning that require increased coordination and mobility.

Loved ones might not always let on that they are struggling, but if mobility issues are becoming evident, it is always better to play it safe. A tailored plan for in-home care in San Mateo will help reduce the risk of a fall and improve the chances that senior clients can continue enjoying their independent lifestyles in the years to come.

2. They Have Been Recently Ill or Injured

Whether having been hospitalized or recovering from a minor illness or injury, older adults need a lot of support during the healing process in order to ensure that they fully regain their health.

Arranging for in-home care in San Mateo will ensure that a loved one receives the vital assistance that they need so that they can focus on their recoveries. Meanwhile, trained providers have the training that will allow them to safely move a bedridden client in a way that will help them accomplish their necessary day-to-day activities like bathing, dressing, and using the washroom in a way that won’t compromise their spinal health.

Indeed, many people find these services so useful that they will often choose to continue them even after their recovery, and as such, this can be an ideal time to begin to arrange for continuing home care in Campbell.

3. They Are Feeling Lonely or Depressed

Signs of loneliness and depression can be subtle and difficult to detect, but loved ones will often begin to notice that something just feels off. The older adults they love may be skipping out on the social functions that they used to love, seem to have less energy than they once had, or are just spending endless hours in front of the television.

This means that those who have a feeling that their loved one should seriously consider arranging for in-home care in Campbell sooner rather than later. Loneliness has been associated with a greater risk of developing a number of common mental and physical ailments, including dementia, suppressed immune function, and even heart disease.

With coronavirus still raging on, the health risks of isolations need to be taken more seriously than ever, and in-home care in San Mateo can provide the vital connection that those who are forced to isolate in their homes are missing out on in their daily lives.

4. Difficulty Driving, Cooking, or Accomplishing Other Usual Daily Tasks

Different people have different activities that are important to their daily lives, and once the ability to complete these activities with ease starts to decrease, it is time to seriously start considering professional assistance.

Some people may rely on their car to get them from point A to point B but are feeling reluctant to get behind the wheel or might have even been involved in an accident. Others might be finding it difficult to prepare the staple foods that they once loved. Still, others might be having difficulty maintaining their homes and are living in an increasingly unsafe or unclean environment.

Either way, these are all clear cut signs that it is time to start thinking about home care in Campbell pronto.

The Takeaway

There are so many wonderful forms of support that home care in San Mateo can provide.

When it comes to helping loved ones live the healthy, independent lives that they desire, it is important to know how to recognize the signs that it is time to call in some professional help. Likewise, anybody who is wondering if now is the right time to reach out shouldn’t hesitate to call a qualified provider of in-home care in San Mateo to find out more today.

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