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Signs It’s Time to Consider Home Care for Your Aging Parent

Dee Bustos

Home Care Services

Feb 10, 2022

3 min read

You may have noticed some troubling signs over the holidays that your aging parent or loved one needs extra help. The realization that additional care is now necessary for a family member can come as a shock.

If you have a loved one that is suffering from cognitive decline, has physical or mobility issues, or is struggling in general, in-home care can help safely maintain independent living. Here are ideas on navigating this new chapter of life with dignity.

How Do You Know If It’s Time for In-Home Care for an Aging Loved One?

Your instincts and observations will alert you that something has changed or is not right. You may feel alarmed at the difference between your aging family member today and when you last visited. Here are some other key indicators:

- Daily tasks are not done consistently

- Appearance and grooming habits have changed

- Bruises or signs of injury from falls

- Interests have changed

- Moodiness

- Changes in weight

- Memory difficulty or forgetfulness

- Confusion

- Untidy home

- Social isolation

Searching for Solutions

Although it may feel uncomfortable to realize a parent or senior can no longer live alone, it is important to understand that there is time for your loved one to get support before an injury such as a serious fall occurs. There are many options today to care for our aging population.

In-home care is probably the most popular, convenient option. Trained caregivers enable seniors to safely age in the comfort of home by helping with the activities of daily living.

Next Steps to Take When Considering In-Home Care

Care Indeed specializes in a variety of services designed to support aging with independence, dignity, and safely in the comfort of home. The needs of every senior are different. Visit for more ideas and information.

Dee Bustos


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