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Nurse Staffing for Your Organization

Our world is changing daily, causing a shift in focus from day-to-day organization to workplace health and safety. Staff wellness checks, health screenings, and immunizations are becoming required services to keep your employees safe, healthy, and able to continue working.

Care Indeed registered and licensed vocational nurses want to help keep your staff safe and healthy with our workforce solutions, all from the comfort of your office or workspace.

Care Indeed Nurse Staffing and You

Care Indeed nurses are highly qualified, compassionate, and pre-screened for all of your organization’s specific staffing needs. Our nurses are available across the Bay Area and have had thorough background checks done to ensure the safety of clients. Whether looking for per diem or for direct-hire, our staff is always matched to offer the best nursing care for your organization. Care Indeed nurses are available 24/7, working around you and your company’s busy schedule!

  • Access to a nursing team scheduled to your organization-specific needs
  • Influenza and other immunization administration
  • Onsite COVID-19 testing
  • Staff wellness checks and assessments
  • Temporary nursing staff for health care facilities, long term care, or any workplace requiring onsite nurses


Care Indeed nurses want to help keep your company employees safe, and able to continue working through these changing times.

The Care Indeed Advantage

With Care Indeed, you can rest assured that your company is getting high-quality service, including:

  •  Client-specific organization and scheduling of nursing staff
  •  Implementing your organization’s testing strategy
  •  We partnered with ClearCare to implement detailed instant health screenings prior to and at the close of each clinician's shift. This detailed screening questionnaire ensures everyone's health–and we continually monitor staff while working in the field.
  •  Access to a 24/7 client support phone line

The Benefits of Our Clinicians in Your Workplace
Onsite care aides at your workplace offer many benefits to you and your staff.
Flexible Scheduling
Flexibility in our clinician scheduling and availability to match your company's requirements.
Stringent Hiring Process
Reduction of stress and hassle from hiring new staff, with a guarantee of proper screening and assessment done on each Care Indeed clinician.
Ensured safety
Ensured safety of your clients and the prevention of worker burnout from the availability of adequate staffing.
What Makes Us Different?

When Care Indeed was founded 10 years ago, our top priority was providing excellent care to all our clients. All Care Indeed health clinicians care about (and love) what they do. Care Indeed health clinicians provide care based on our core values: compassion, authenticity, respect, and excellence (C.A.R.E.)

Our clinicians understand your company's needs and are flexible and able to work with you to create amazing results for your staff.


We would love to be the solution to your CNA/HHA staffing needs!


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